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Implant: Dentures

Implant: Dentures

Over time conventional dentures may contribute to the loss of bone in the area where teeth are missing whereas denture implants prevent bone loss.

(a) Bone is maintained by the presence of natural teeth or implants.

(b) Bone loss occurs with the loss of teeth

As illustrated (a) indicates, the presence of natural teeth preserves the jawbone. When a tooth is missing, as in illustration (b), the bone may erode and weaken until the jaw bone can no longer support a conventional lower denture. Placements of implants prevent further bone loss and allow for excellent function. The implants will serve as a stable support that tightly locks into your replacement teeth and dentures to prevent slipping and bone loss.

With an overall success rate of about 98% and almost 50 years of clinical research to back them up, dental implants are frequently the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth.

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